Meet the Teacher

I figured my school photo was appropriate

Hi! I'm Amber. I started this blog during my first year teaching back in 2011. I've since moved schools, grade levels, and jobs! But I am back in the classroom, doing what I love, teaching children. 

 At the beginning of my teaching career, I wasn't sure what I was doing and didn't have much support at my school site. I began to read as much as I could and experimenting to see what worked. At that time, I desperately wanted to be apart of a learning community and to share what I was doing with others so.... this blog was created! I've taken quite a hiatus from blogging here and there but I'm happy to be back. 

I have taught first and second grade then became a reading coach for grades K-5 for two years. I wanted a change but wasn't willing to leave my current school so I am now teaching 3rd grade. 

I certainly don't know it all and am still learning. I'm sharing that process on my blog as I try to be the best teacher I can be and help mold my students into the best versions of themselves.

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