Our Flexible Seating Choices

I went ALL IN with flexible seating this year! Each day my students can choose where they sit and they do move through out the day. There will be more posts on procedures & some problems I've faced, stay tuned!

Today I'm going to start these flexible seating posts with what seating options my students have. My classroom is on the smaller side. I wish I had room for a futon or a cute sitting area but there isn't the space. I could probably fit in some butterfly chairs but I’m not sure where they would be out of the way.

When I moved into my classroom I actually had a lot of furniture removed. Not only desks and chairs but also filing cabinets and rolling carts. I definitely resinate with the minimalist movement so I try not to go overboard on 'things'. Cluttered spaces can clutter your mind and can create more anxiety and work. My goal the flexible seating isn't to fill my classroom with extra sitting choices but give students alternatives to their chairs that might be more comfortable. 

Our flexible seating choices:

I have 6 of these, all gray since I wasn't sure at the time what my color scheme was going to be. We keep four at a floor table but occasionally they’ll bring the other two over so six can sit at the table. Most of the time the other two live on computer chairs or desk chairs. 

  • Students like sitting on the floor!
  • They can spread out there!
  • I like sitting on the wobble cushion in a chair, I think it is really comfortable. 
  • Not the most popular. 
  • Conferencing with students sitting here is my least favorite. They are so low!
Where did I get them?
Donors Choose Project. You can find them on Amazon here.

I have four child sized yoga balls then one adult yoga ball that used to be mine. These are the most sought after sitting choice. 

  • The students LOVE these.
  • Students can wiggle and move. 
  • A cosmetic reason, I love the bright blue color! It is so fun!

  • Students fall and slide off of them when not sitting on them correctly. 
  • I’ve read reviews that these pop or only last a year. If they did pop, I would replace them because they are so loved and heavily used. 
  • This is the only seating option that I have to address behavior problems with. 

Where did I get them?
Donors Choose. You can find them on Amazon here

I have four stools. These are a pretty popular option. This is my favorite sitting choice! The are cute and very comfortable.

  • Very comfortable, I love sitting on these stools!
  • Super stylish 
  • They are very sturdy and high quality
  • They come in a ton of colors! It was very hard for me to choose!
  • I have white and when students sit on their feet it does leave marks. They come right off though. 
  • They are expensive
Where did I get them?
Donors Choose. You can find them on Amazon here

4. Chairs at desks with Bouncy Bands
Sometimes students like the traditional chair. I want to offer traditional chairs for those students and for the students who can't handle their other seating choice. I've only had to move a child once so far from the yoga ball to a chair. I do have cushions in each chair students can also sit on and they can also bring a wobble cushion to sit on too. The desks have bouncy bands on them which students do use! Their feet love to play with them.  While this seating choice is “just a chair,” there are some options available to make it extra comfy. 

  • The boys love the bouncy bands.
  • Chairs can be necessary.. I use a chair to stand up to hang high stuff. (Yes, this a silly pro but I do use the chairs a lot!)
  • I can't have all tables because the bouncy bands need desks.
Where did I get them?
Bouncy bands were from a Donors Choose project.
Cushions were made by my mom made. I used them as a table reward. The table with the most points that week earned comfy cushions. 

5. Crate Seats

I made these with my family. My husband and dad cut the wood and my mom and I stapled the cushions. They were a quick project that were done in a few hours. They were definitely worth the effort! I love them! They are super comfy and currently they are holding on the extra school supplies students brought in.

  • They hold stuff inside of them! I don't have a ton of storage in my classroom so I appreciate these double as storage. 
  • They are a pretty affordable option but the cost of the materials can add up if you aren't careful. My parents already had some wood that we used and a staple gun. 
  • The fabric can and will get dirty. I imagine I'll have to put new fabric on them next year.
  • I followed directions I found online, there are tutorials on how to make crate seats everywhere! Since these crates aren't the sturdiest, I had to use more than one piece of wood. Just one piece of wood on the crates did not work. Instead, we stacked three pieces of wood together which make them much more sturdy. 

Where did I get them?
The crates are from Walmart, less than $4 each. The fabric and cushion are from Joannes. The wood is from Lowes. 

6. Small Group Table Stools
Ikea stools. Do I need to say more?

  • They can fit under the table, they don't take up much space, and they are visually appealing. 
  • They fit at the table so much better. I frequently have 6 students with me at the small group table. Fitting 6 chairs at that table was not easy. The table legs and bulky chairs just did not work. The stools work so much better!
  • The Price! How can you beat $5 a stool?
  • You have to put them together. This wasn't an issue for me but it did take about an hour.
Where did I get them?
Ikea- They come in black and white.
They also sell colorful ones on Amazon but they are more expensive. You can find those here.

My students also love lap desks!

  • Students can use them all over the classroom. It helps them spread out. 
  • They are so sturdy. 
  • They can be very affordable. 
  • Super easy to implement. If you aren't doing a full flexible seating classroom, you can easily add lap desks for centers or independent work. 

  • I don't have enough of them! I need more than 4. They are on my wish list!
  • Finding a place to store them. They are worth it though and luckily can all stack on one another. They don't take up too much space. I was eyeing these lap desks but I'm not sure about storing them. 

Where did I get them?
Two are from a Donors Choose project. You can find those on Amazon here. Then I bought two more from Michael's when they were marked down to $5 plus the teacher discount.

  • The students think these are so comfortable. I don't fit in them so I cannot confirm.
  • They are great for read to self. Many times they use a scoop chair plus lap desk over their legs.
  • They are very affordable. 6 chairs for $30 = $5 a chair.

  • Storing them can be awkward but this large bin from Big Lots fits them perfectly!
  • I've heard they can scuff up the floor. I'm not sure if this is true but currently the rule is they have to use these chairs on a rug. This rule crowds the rugs but we do have a huge rug and the students stay focused. Does anyone have experience with scoop chairs scuffing the floor? Our custodians take such pride in our clean school, I'm nervous to find out!
Where did I get them?
Wayfair. I purchased these myself. Find them here.

Those are all of my flexible seating options! Do you have any seating options I don't have? Anything else I should add?


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