#ClassroomBookADay Week 2

Read about the benefits of #ClassroomBookADay and the books from Week 1 here.

This week we are developing our leadership skills as we learned about Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. A few of these books helped foster planning ahead and having a plan. A Growth Mindset is also important so that theme was highlighted this week.

Day 7: Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It
An informational book about your brain and how you can stretch and shape it.

Pros: I loved the messages about making mistakes helps your brain grow stronger and each time you practice something it gets easier and easier. 
I also love that it is an informational book rather than a story! I need to add variety in my read alouds. My goal is to read at least one informational text each week.

Good, solid book. 

Day 8: Giraffes Can't Dance
A book about a giraffe, Gerald, who gets made fun of for his lack of dancing ability. He finds out he can dance but to his own music. The other animals can't believe it!

Pros: Great message, rhyming words that are fun to read. 
We talked about all of the things we can't do yet but can do if we put in the time, work, and practice. This connected well to Your Fantastic Elastic Brain as they connected it to how Gerald's brain is growing and becoming stronger. This book could also be used with to teach the Notice and Note signposts Words of the Wiser since an owl (or cricket) comes to help him. 

So many uses and talking points from this book along with its fun rhymes gets it 5 stars!

Day 9: The Most Magnificent Thing
I LOVE this book. I reserve 5 stars for books like this. Ones I adore reading aloud and could read over and over again.

Pros: It shows the girls struggle of creating something.
It can be used to teach Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. She had the end in mind throughout the entire story.  It also is a wonderful book to talk about what to do when feeling frustrated and that is a normal emotion to feel.

Love, love, love!

Day 9: Ralph Tells a Story
Ralph cannot think of anything to write a story about! He struggles to find an idea. But by the end he finds a small moment that turns into a great story.

Pros: This is such a good book to start writing workshop or a personal narrative unit. It is funny, relatable, and adorable. This is was my first year reading it but it is going to be a staple from now on! The students loved it!

Day 10: My Mouth is a Volcano
A staple and very popular beginning of the year book. A little boy has trouble interrupting people or shouting out, he learns strategies to control himself and learns how it feels to be constantly interrupted. 

Pro: We used the language from this book the rest of the day and next day. If students were calling out I would ask, "How can you control your volcano?" It also has a phrase that repeats over and over in the book that students have fun with saying with you.

I do wonder if this helps students. I feel like they still interrupt, it is hard to gain that self control. It was a good read aloud but does it fix students interrupting? I don't think so. I'm glad it gives us a talking points though. I didn't feel my students were super connected with this book as they are with others.

Day 11: The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors
I was waiting for the right time to bring this book out to read. On Friday, it seemed like the perfect day.

When I was a reading coach, I would try to find new picture books to introduce to students and teachers that they would love. Last year, I used this book for my beginning of the year read aloud and it was such a hit. Students were OBSESSED!

It has great dialogue and a wonderful story line. It is so creative as well. We talk about the message of how it is good to be challenged. We had text-to-text connections again with Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, if you are not challenged then your brain won't grow! I also love that scissors is a girl. In almost every class I read this book to, a student always says.. wait, Scissors is a GIRL?!? We talked about how girls can be warriors too!

After we read this book we celebrated the three great warriors, Rock, Paper, & Scissors, with a MEGA game of Rock, Paper, & Scissors. See my Instagram post on it here. It was so much fun!

What should we read next week? I am always on the hunt for engaging, informational read aloud!


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