#ClassBookADay Week 1

The premise is simple, read a picture aloud each day to your class.


Read more about #ClassroomBookADay here and here.  I call it #ClassBookADay for short!

Here are the books we read the first day of school, a Friday, and the first week:

Day 1: You're Finally Here!
A cute book where the bunny talks to you about being very excited you are finally here. Gave me Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus vibes. My students enjoyed it and I thought it was okay. 

Pros: It is short, entertaining, and funny. 
Cons: Not a lesson to be learned

It is about a teacher who is on the quest to find a video game loving student a book he will love.

Pros: Great message, great way to introduce reading and your expectation that t every child can find a book they love. My students talked about this book days after I read it. 

This book follows a new student to a school who isn't making good choices and the rest of the students stand up to him and encourage him to do the right thing. There is an interesting twist in it as well.

Pros: Great, important message. 
Cons: Some parts are at a higher intellectual level, I wouldn't recommend this book for Kindergarten or 1st graders

I would read it aloud again but it isn't my FAVORITE book.

 Day 4: Journey
A wordless picture book that follows a girl on her Journey.
Pros: Amazing photos, great story, still has a problem and solution even though it has no words.

My students and I LOVE this book! They requested we read the next one, Quest, as our #ClassBookADay next week.

A story on how to control your temper. I also liked that the boy dealt with unfair situations because that happens in life. 
Pros: Makes for a great lesson when you follow up with a conversation and we made an anchor chart. I used this book to further our conversation about being proactive rather than reactive. It really helped solidify student's understanding of being proactive. 

We had a visitor, our new Reading Coach, come read this book aloud. I was busy getting stuff done in my room so I did not hear it nor have I read it. It is by Patricia Polacco so I'm sure it is wonderful but I cannot give this one a rating.

What should we read next week?