Sketchnotes + Leader in Me / 7 Habits

My school is becoming a Leader in Me school, meaning we will teach our students leadership and life skills while developing a culture of student empowerment. It is based around the 7 Habits developed by Stephen Covey. 

As a teenager, I read 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens then as an adult I read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Both books include the same habits and message but is written to the target reader. They also have the book The 7 Habits of Happy Kids for children!

Since my school is starting this new initiative, we received training on implimentation. At the beginning of the summer, my coworkers and I attended three days of training. The first two days were purely focused on diving into each habit and relating it to you personally, work was out of the equation. The third day of the training, which was a week later, was about how to teach the 7 Habits to children. The thought behind focusing on ourselves for the first two training days, was that we need to live out the habits and use them in our daily lives before we can teach them to children. Ya'll... these two days were fantastic. I love self reflection and self help type stuff so this was right up my ally but everyone at the training got a lot out of it! I came home each day from the training and talked to my husband about my learnings and thoughts for hours. Even though I was already familiar with the habits, I learned so much new information and the message really resinated with me. I really do think about the habits daily and am doing my best to live by them, it is a work in progress.

During trainings, I love to write and draw as I'm a very tactile person. I have seen sketchnoting on Twitter, it really resinates with me since I like to draw even though I'm not very good! Sketchnoting is a form of note taking but you can use visuals and words to bring your notes to life.
(Photo is from Verbal to Visual, the website also has a fantastic video about sketchnoting)

I don't have much experience with sketchnoting but I wanted to try it out during this training since I knew I'd be taking notes. So here are my sketches from the training:

Habit 1

 Habit 2

 Habit 3

    Habit 4

 Habit 5

 Habit 6

 Habit 7

My thoughts about sketchnoting ? I'm a big fan. I am very aware my drawings need some help and things can be a little neater but the purpose is not to create perfect, beautiful art, it is to create notes. I found myself listening and paying attention to the presentor acutely. I had to take what I was hearing then process it and decide how to display the knowledge. My mind was much more active while doing it. I can see how sketchnoting can help readers comprehend for sure! 

There will be more sketchnoting in my future and a strategy I plan to teach my soon-to-be students! 

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