2018-2019 Goals

As a new school year approaches, it naturally feels like a time to do some reflection and goal setting. I am a gal who loves to set goals. My personality type NEEDS a purpose and something to work towards. It helps me feel like I'm going somewhere!

I've gravitated to these six goals. I do think 6 is a lot of goals but I've been a reading coach the past two years so I have had some time to think about what I'd like to do if I were to go back to the classroom. Here they are:

First, I want my students to leave my class a better person.
I want my soon to be students to believe in themselves, to become problem solvers, to become critical thinkers, life long readers, and to leave my class a better person. I want them to know they can change the world.

Second, I want to write. A lot.
I want to record what I'm doing. I reread The Book Whisper this past year. Donalyn Miller, the author, talks about how writing is such a great form of reflection that leads to self improvement. She was (and still is) a blogger before she became a book author. I also loved helping and inspiring other teachers from the reading coach role so I think blogging can continue inspires others in a different capacity. I loved blogging when I did it YEARS ago and I want to stop thinking about doing it again and just DO IT!

Third, I want to teach reading so my students love and value reading.
I have learned so much about teaching reading and writing since becoming a reading coach. I've worked with so many teachers. Sure, I've taught them things but they have also taught me so much as well. I cannot wait to implement what I've learned in my own classroom. I want to find relevant text, foster conversation, and teach engaging lessons. I am looking forward to trying out text mapping and sketch noting. I am also looking forward to using The Reading Strategy Book to plan. Teaching reading strategies and student-selected notebook entries are going to be huge for me this year!

Forth, I want to grow leaders.
I want my students to be leaders and see themselves as a leader. I want a student-led classroom and give my students more choice. I want the students to have a big role in the class and how it is run. After all, those who are doing the work are doing the learning. My school is becoming a Leader In Me school so leadership is a school wide initiative but one I believe in whole heartily. I have some ideas of how to grow my students as leaders, more coming soon!

Fifth, I want to try out this STEM thing. Makerspace. Coding. STEM Challenges. All of it.
Science hasn't been my strongest subject to teach but it was one of my favorite subjects in school. I had great science teachers who also planned hands on experiments and allowed me to investigate and collaborate with my peers. From the teacher point of view, teaching science is messy and can be hard when you need various materials you don't have. But I'm committed to foster that love of science in my students that I had as a child.

I also want to go outside of my comfort zone and try new things such as creating a makerspace. A makerspace is a space for students to create and make whatever they would like. There can be interesting materials for students to build and tinker with. This is an idea I'm still trying to figure out but I'm going to make it happen! This is a great article that highlights benefits of makerspaces.

Sixth, I want to have a flexible seating classroom.
I've seen other teachers implement flexible seating at my school and I LOVE the atmosphere that is creates in the classroom. The students just seem so as ease and content. Doesn't everyone feel more comfortable when they get to pick a cozy place to sit? I've made this one happen by creating a Donors Choose Project and getting it funded! I am so excited! My flexible seating options are coming in this week and I cannot wait to see how my classroom comes together. I'm hoping my students enjoy the flexible seating as much as I do.

(Photo is from Edutopia. They have a great post on Flexible Seating and the research behind it)

What are your goals this school year?

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