Friday Favorites

After today, there will be 5 weeks left of school. FIVE. I cannot believe it. 

This week has gone slowly but I have a feeling the following weeks might feel as though they are in fast forward.

Here is what I've been loving this week:

I was not sold on these shoes at first. I almost returned them but after doing a wear test, I was sold. They are by far the most comfortable casual shoes I've worn. I have Supergas, Converse, and Toms.. these are my favorite. They do tie with Toms in terms of comfort but I like the look of the Keds better. It seems all of the students have the Adidas similar to this style so I feel like I'm still trendy but no identical, ya know?

I wear these no show socks with them. I also bought them on Amazon. The socks always stay in place, such a comfortable combination!

TWO: Teaching and so Fourth’s Instagram Post

How precious is this? I cannot imagine how surprised and excited her students will feel when they see a picture of their favorite celebrity wishing them well on their state test! Adorable!

Sidenote: I got sucked into stocking her Instagram account for quite a while. I highly recommend you check her out! I am so inspired by her student's singing and their morning songs. Her classroom is also the epitome of #goals.

THREE: @CassyDiaz aka Mrs.NiblackInGrade3 on Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social media platform. I love the ability to connect with others. Following experts in the field of education and having the opportunity to interact with them is incredible. Growing up I thought authors were unreachable but now with Twitter they are only a tweet away. They can read, like, and reply to you and often times they do!

Anyway, Cassy on Twitter is an incredible teacher from Alabama. She has inspired me to take the leap and try out text mapping.

I love the use of visuals she uses to engage the students. It is so interactive.

Her lessons she did with her on class on the book, White Socks Only, is AMAZING! I want to try it out.

I read this book for a Twitter PD, maybe Twitter should also be one of my favorites? My school district hosts the Twitter PDs and we even get PD points! Last week wrapped up our final chat therefore I finished reading the book. Guys, I LOVE this book!

I cannot say enough good things about it. I love the writing, the format, the colored illustrations inside, and of course the author's message and ideas. I agree and already held many of the same beliefs as the authors, Stephanie Harvey and Annie Ward. But hearing it all put together in their words is amazing.

I had so many take aways from this book. Some ideas I've already implemented and others I plan to implement next school year.

I'm not one who buys DVDs. I never was really a movie person, I seem to be now since we go weekly with our Movie Pass- highly recommend a Movie Pass! I own 5 DVDs, they are all Christmas movies. But I made a DVD buying exception for this movie. I LOVED The Greatest Showman when I saw it in theaters. My friends and I listened to the soundtrack on repeat for weeks. I knew I'd want this movie again and again.

My husband gave me an eye roll when the Amazon and delivered it but after watching all of the extras with me yesterday he said "I'm really glad you bought this DVD!" Win! Tonight I plan on rewatching it then I imagine it'll be playing in the background of our house on a regular basis.

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