Month 1 with VIPKID: January

I opened up my first bookings on January 23rd. I got booked for my first class on the following day, January 24th!

I wrote a reflection right after that first class, my thoughts were:

I woke up at 5:15 this morning, usually my alarm goes off at 6 and I am NOT a morning person. I love my sleep. I haven’t been able to get up in the morning to go to the gym but I knew if I had a teaching obligation I would rise to the occasion. It wasn’t so bad! Granted it is only day one but it was so worth it.

My ‘mentor’ who I’ve been talking to along the way and she has been helping me out said when you turn the camera on and start teaching it’ll be great and she was so right. I sat in front of my laptop waiting for the countdown to the class to start and I was so nervous. Of course your brain thinks crazy things such as 'I can’t do this' and 'this is so scary.' But I did it and it was great.

Was it a perfect lesson? No! Did I know what I was doing? Not really. Did I pretend like I knew what I was doing? Yes! And I was having a lot of fun! As long as you make your student smile and have fun with it then they will walk away having a great experience, at least that is what I’m telling myself. This lesson was a trial lesson so this was the student’s first lesson with VIP kid therefore she doesn’t know any different!

I was also nice to be just be one on one with a student because as a classroom teacher you are used to 18+ students. And the content is something we are experts in, English! I did catch myself saying a letter totally wrong phonetically. I forgot which letter but in my head, I just thought ‘OMG Amber that letter doesn’t even make that sound!’ But I had the student repeat it again the correct way and just kept moving hoping her parents did hear my mistake! 

I’m excited for my second class tomorrow especially that it is a lower level so I feel more comfortable with that.

I opened up 12 slots that first week (each slot is 30 minutes) and 5 of them got booked, all trial classes. So a 42% booking rate. The following week I opened up 15 slots and 11 of them were booked, 73% booking rate. In my first, very first month I already booked 16 classes! I'll take it!

I am in a few Facebook groups with VIPKID teachers and a ton of teachers wait a very long time to get their first booking. I truly don't know how I got so lucky that it happened so quickly. Was it because I selected to do another mock lesson rather than attend a kickoff meeting? Read about about that decision here. Was it my profile pictures or video? I don't think so, they are not that special. I do not know the algorithm of how trial classes get matched up with teachers. I do not think the parents of the trial classes look at teacher profiles and select a teacher, I think the VIPKID workers or 'matchmakers' select the teachers. I believe you to do a great job on your interview as well as Mock 1 and 2 in order to hopefully get booked faster. Crossing your fingers helps too.

I booked 16 classes. Did I teach all 16 classes though? Unfortunately, no. All of those class were trial classes. VIPKID allows parents to sign their child up for three FREE trial classes. Have you ever signed up for a free event before then blew it off? This happens often. Trial classes have a 50% no show rate.

If a student doesn't show up in a trial class, you must wait in the classroom for 15 minutes then you can exit. Also you only get paid half of your usual rate. Ugh, that is the bummer! If they don't show up, you already committed yourself to be at your computer during that time but aren't getting paid much. This part did frustrate me because I felt my time was worth more than I was getting paid.

I kept my end goal in mind and I knew it would get better. I knew I had to tough out the trial classes and eventually I would begin to book major classes (paying parents). You do have to have patience. I treated this time full of trial classes as extra time to practice my teaching skills to help me be more prepared to teach major classes.

I ended January proud. I went though the interview process, got hired, and I taught my first VIPKID class! It was a successful month!

Read what my interview process was like here.

Use my referral link to apply here, I'm here to help if you have questions!  

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