Classroom Reveal: Library & Big Bulletin Board

I think I've died and gone to teacher heaven.

My day with my kiddos was awesome! I have zero behavior problems. ZERO! Last year I had like 5...  minimum. My students aren't chewing pencils, aren't fighting with each other, are saying excuse me in line to get in their spots, helping each other do things, looking at those who are talking, filling each others buckets, are patient, calm, and caring. This is AMAZING people!

I'm in shock. This type of classroom is something I've always wanted and planned for and envisioned but is becoming a reality? Ahh I think it is! My students ask for more time at the end of the day to write notes to each other to fill their buckets. I think I have to take a picture tomorrow of some of these bucket fillers because they are toooooooo precious.

I'm really not trying to brag, is that what I sound like? Ew, I hope not. I'm just in shock. I don't think you understand the severity of how.. umm.. how do I put this... perhaps out of control.. my last class was last year. Every day I would come in and it would be a surprise how my students would act. I could plan my heart out but sometimes my student's behavior just would dictate how the day went. I felt like I didn't have control over how the day was going to go. I mean I did have control, it wasn't a circus.. it was a safe environment just not super conducive for learning at all times.

But this year, I have control. I plan... and plan.. and plan. Then I teach those plans and they actually work! My students respond, learn, make connections and then we move forward. It can really happen. This is teaching ya'll!

I want to share this story because if you have an unruly class it gets better. Last year I wasn't sure if it did but man oh man it does.

Anyway.. onto more classroom reveal.... which I'm also pumped about.

So this is my favorite part of my classroom! This HUGE bulletin board adds so much color and really pulls in the entire rooms color scheme together.

BAM! Big huh? I'm a little obsessed with the colors and the bright but calm feeling it gives the room.

Here is my CAFE FACE board, ready to add strategies:
I did have it say CAFE except the book shelf below the F would interfere with all the comprehension strategies (there are so many!) so I switched the C and the F.

The green is not this lime at all! The first picture is more accurate. I am color coding my words this year; pink paper will be sight words, purple vocabulary, green math, and blue science terms.

I've had a request to see my VOICES board and you'll see a post on that coming up. I still haven't figured out what I'm going to put at the top. Something that we will use all year and won't change. I thought about procedure signs but I don't think we need it. I think I might be making some quotes this weekend to hang up there. Any other ideas?

You can see here my Daily 5 wall by the book case and my two book shelves for our class library:

This one is all chapter books and nonfiction:

And this one is all fiction picture books:

The back of that guy looks like this:
I'll be using that back of the bookcase for students to recommend books to one another. It is their height and will be totally for them. We won't start using it for a little while though.

You can also see my behavior chart in the back as well as the door for the girls bathroom... not too exciting back there.

See more of my classroom here, here, here, and here.

Thats it for tonight but looking forward to what I have to share in the near future! :)


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