Classroom Reveal: Computer Corner, Whiteboard, Desks

Continuing my classroom tour around my room (see more of my classroom here, here, and here) we are now looking at a science corner and where my computers are kept.

The table on the left that is next to the computers (you can't really see it) is my science table so this is kind of my science corner. In the corner are those large boxes. We have 6 and they are each a unit we study in science. They contain big books, small guided reading type books, and a ton of resources however they are HUGE! Sticking them back there was out of my way but still accessible. 

I hung a fishing net up and all those posters are science posters that have to be up. I put them behind the computers since they aren't coming down all year so perfect place for them.. somewhere hard to reach. I colored them all to be a little cuter then laminated.

Next to the computers and science wall is my large white board! 
Our Word of the Day and schedule are up on the left and then our objects will go on the right. Our calendar math board is the one that is cut off. 

But check out those books below the white board:

I LOVE this shelf! I had this giant shelf in my room (it is probably around 12 feet long) and had no idea what to do with it. Then my team leader showed me another teacher's classroom who put her shelf like mine to use has a book shelf. Genius!

Here are some closer pictures:

This is the other teacher's shelf, she used a beaker taped to it to keep it out. Mine has plastic hinges but either work.

Three S hooks are all I needed to hang it. If you wanted to hang a shelf below your white board you just need the shelf, three S hooks, and anything really to poke the shelf out (like the beaker or a L bracket). Easy and cheap!

I'm also linking up to Success in Second Grade and showing you in my summer in pictures! 

I'm so glad I did this because it really made me reminisce on how great this summer was! I really remembered all those special memories that you never really stop to do.

My summer started off with me getting hired at a new school. I thought I was going to spend the entire summer looking for a job but I was so fortunate to get hired on my last day of the school year!

Then Phil and I headed to New York to visit his family!

Bronx zoo, beach, and relaxing summed up that trip.

Enjoyed the beautiful Florida weather with walks and most afternoons spent by the pool.

One of my best friends came down to visit!

Wine and brewery tours as well as trips to Busch Gardens!

Visiting my parents and of course my favorite dog, Buddy. One of my favorite nights of watching the sunset on my dads boat with my parents and Phil:

Using our teacher's discount and going to the Florida Aquarium for free!

And my most special summer moment was getting engaged :)

What a great summer! How was yours? Link up to Success in Second Grade so I can see your pictures!


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  2. Thanks for linking up! Looks like your summer was great.....especially the engagement! Congrats!

    Success in Second Grade
    Don’t forget to check out My Summer in Pictures Linky Party

  3. That’s a very cool and conducive room for the learning kids. I like the big white board as well as the computer section. I also like the way the books are display. They are like always reminding everyone to grab a piece.


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  5. Hi Amber,

    Would you mind sharing where you got the shelves from that you installed under your white board? I would love to replicate it. Thanks for sharing!


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