Classroom Reveal: Book Baskets

When you walk right in my door I have a big ugly AC unit on the right. In order to make it a little better looking I covered most of it with butcher block paper and put a book shelf in front of it.

The bulletin board above the book shelf is on the AC unit which makes it magnetic. I'll be using it as a news hot spot per say. School events and flyers that go home will also be posted up there. Our newsletters will be posted up there as well.
Note the supply caddies aren't in this pic since they are on student's desks ready for them tomorrow morning!
Those octagons that are up there now are our assigned seats for lunch. Finding a home for those odd shaped fellas is still something I'm working on.

Each student has a book basket that is labeled with their number. They will keep all their books in them as well as other reading tools like book marks or sticky notes to track their thinking. I love how they are right by the door and easy for students to assess all through out the day.

Then you'll see the supply caddies at the bottom and one on the top shelf. Each table will have a supply caddie with their symbol on it. Students will only have two pencils in their desks plus notebooks and folders. They won't have any crayons, scissors, glue, markers, etc. Since we don't use these items as much in second grade I decided to keep them accessible to students to use when needed but not in their desks or on their desks.

If you take a look at my door you'll find our "Have You Filled a Bucket?" board.
Each student has a library pocket thats laminated. I'll add student's names once my roaster is finalized. They will also keep their tickets I hand out to them for positive reinforcement in their pockets too. Love how if they are given in the hallway then they simply put them in their pocket before they walk in the door. Easy access!

Hope you all are having a great first week/preplanning week/ or second week!!


  1. I love the supply caddies! How to deal with supplies has been weighing on me. I like the idea of the caddy that's easy to grab and has whatever they need! Your classroom looks super cute!


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