Classroom Reveal: Student Work

Starting TODAY is going to be my classroom reveal series showing you all around my classroom. Hope you love it as much as I do!

When you walk in my classroom, this wall is on the right. It is behind my guided reading table. I didn't take that great of pictures unfortunately but you'll get the gist in the upcoming posts. It's for student's work!

See the paper on the bottom left, that is how the papers will fit. I'll add student's names at the bottom once my roaster is finalized and I see which student's actually show up Tuesday (we start school Tuesday rather than Monday).

I used a piece of glittery scrapbook paper then hot glued construction paper on top as well as the clothes pin. The entire project including taping up each paper probably took less than 45 minutes. Inexpensive and not too time consuming made for a pretty awesome display!

I plan on having my students choose what work they want to display. We will have a discussion about what kind of work should go up (drawings vs. writing samples vs. tests) and set some criteria together. That anchor chart will get hung up next to the display, on the right there is some extra room.

It is one of the many ways I'll use to motivate students to do their best and show pride in their work.

How is your classroom or first week of school going?


  1. Love the heading, and how bright and cheery this looks on your wall. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your room...

  2. I love your idea for the classroom jobs! Do you have a download of those job descriptions available?

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