Not Your Average Newsletter

I am so excited about the newsletter creation I just came up with!

I'd love to have a class website but for my school's population it isn't practical. I feel the best communication is sending home a newsletter. Since this will be copied I tried to keep it mostly black/white. 

The plan is that it will go out either bi-weekly or monthly. Not sure yet. 

Here is the front page:
Fonts and Graphics came from
It isn't complete yet but I just wanted to make the template ahead of time. 
But lets talk about what you see, I'll insert clip art at the top that matches the time of year. 

I always like to have space for a letter to the parents. I would love to add a picture of our class in action to this portion too and write about something specific we did or my favorite moment of the month. 

The student of the month, or star pupil, is at the bottom and I'll insert a picture of him/her. I always have my class vote for our student of the month and then afterwards I take notes on why they voted for that person. I'll add what my students say about him/her to our newsletter.

If it comes out bi-weekly then I'll alternate the student of the month for a teaching tip for parents.

The back page is what I'm super excited about:
Fonts and Graphics came from
I will take student's writing, type it up, and add it to our newsletter! I will take requests for articles in our newsletter students can write during our writing time and maybe they might even get featured on the front page.. if their super good :)

But I'll be choosing student's work in each subject: reading (book reviews or recommendations), science/social studies (summary of learning), math (math journal entry), and writing (any free writing they do). 

I don't feel like this will be TOO time consuming since I type pretty quick & I'll be on the lookout for student's writing pieces as I'm grading/reading them so the ones that stand out I'll just put to the side or just take a picture of it so I have a copy on my phone. 

Displaying our newsletter in our classroom I feel is also important so students read it and see it often. I do write it for the parents but also for the students. I will print it in color and place it in page protectors on the door of our classroom. This way students will always have access to it and use it as a resource (hopefully). Can't wait show you when that time comes!

It is a little bit extra work on my end but I think it'll be totally worth it. I really want student's to do their best work in hopes it will end up in our class newsletter! 

Do you put out a class newsletter? How often? Have you ever incorporated student work? Perhaps has the year goes on students could write more and it could develop into something totally student written-- not sure but I love the possibilities it provides!  


  1. Your newsletter is cute cute cute!!! I did a weekly newsletter last year. I was a lot of work, but the parents really enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you so much! I feel ya on weekly newsletter being a lot of work, thats why I was thinking bi-weekly could be a happy medium.

  2. Love the idea of including student writing pieces!!!

    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  3. I love the idea of including student work! I was actually thinking of having a student produced newsletter the second half of the year {once they can type it themselves!} I put out a class newsletter bi-weekly. I did it weekly for 3 years and switched to bi-weekly last year... saved a lot of time and it wasn't as hard to think of what to write!

    EduKate and Inspire

    1. I'm so glad you like the bi-weekly idea, thats what I'm leaning towards. I did weekly last year too and was a lot to keep up with! Good idea for having student's produce it the second half of the year. That would be so neat!

  4. I've been thinking of starting up a newsletter for a while. Thanks for the freebie!
    I have a couple of awards for you. Stop by and pick them up when you get a chance :)