Bathroom Signs & Door Hanger & Calendar Cards

Today I am at day 1 of my 4 day New Hire Orientation my new district makes mandatory. But I did make some things to share with you for Monday Made It!
This upcoming year I will have not one but TWO bathrooms in my room.

It is a classroom that is somewhat open (about 5 feet) to the one next door and we share the bathrooms in the middle.
But I'll be teaching 2nd grade and the adjacent teacher will be teaching 1st... for those of you who teach in classrooms that are open like this, does the noise bother you? I'm concerned during my Daily 5 quiet time she will be doing whole group math. But what can I do?

Back to the bathroom talk (not the yucky kind), my students will be allowed to go to the bathroom any time except during whole group time or small group if I'm working with them.

For students to know if the bathroom is vacant or occupied I created signs!
When they go in the bathroom they will just flip the sign from 'Vaccant' to say 'Occupied' with the thumbs down sign for the students who might not know what occupied means... YET! Then when they leave they will flip the sign back around.  Heres to hoping they remember to flip the sign! I might add a reminder sign inside on the bathroom door that says "Don't forget to flip the sign!" if it becomes an issue.

I didn't want these to be flimsy signs so I used the cardboard from cereal boxes.
I cut my desired shape. Stapled them together (I used the front of the cereal box and back). The first time I didn't hole punch the card board so it was VERY hard getting a hole through the cardboard, card stock, and signs. I might have used a knife, a cutting board, and maybe started bleeding. Opps.

But for the second sign I made I learned my lesson and hole punched everything through out the process! The holes are for ribbon to go through to hold the signs on the bathroom door knob.

I glued colored card stock on the cardboard then cut it to size. After I just glued on my signs with some Elmer's. 
Note the ugly gashes that are the holes for the ribbon. Opps... 
I still need to laminate them and add ribbon through the holes but couldn't wait to share! Download your own here.

I also made a door hanger. I was inspired by this one from Smiling in Second Grade:
But it didn't quite match my classroom decor (even though hers basically matches everything I'm just a tad bit OCD) so had to make my own..

Closer look to the top:

I loved how it turned out but again I still have to laminate and add velcro! Download your copy here.

And finally I created some cute calendar cards that match my class decor!
Download for free here

I love the diagonal pattern they make when they will be on the calendar:

Again, still have to laminate! You betcha I'll be the first one in line when I get permission to use the laminator at my school!


  1. Your calendar cards are very cute!

  2. Vacant is spelled with only one c! I just wanted to let you know before you printed everything out. :-)

    1. I actually corrected that and the file is right but then I uploaded the wrong picture! Thank you so much for catching that :)

  3. Very cool! I may need to copy your bathroom idea! :) Thanks for sharing...

    Ramblings of a Deaf Ed Teacher's Mind...

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