The Ultimate Teacher Binder

I'm a pretty organized person.

Ok, ok.. I'll be honest I'm running on the obsessively organized side. With that being said, I can't handle having papers all over and not being able to find what I'm looking for. I also don't like running to a meeting and trying to find my calendar, data, meeting folder, and then attempting to carry it all while loosing a few papers along the way that just fly out and create a big mess. Does this happen to you? Because this has really happens to me.. I scurry all around getting what I think I'll need at the meeting then when I go I don't need any of it but I just like to be over prepared just in case.

Ugh.. the problems of a type A personality.

Anyway, this is why I created my all inclusive binder with all of my teaching necessities. Grab it and go!

First, I had to create a cute cover for it of course.
The second picture is for the side of the binder. And no, my last name is not Apple.. I just don't like putting my last name on my blog (or my overprotective mother who thinks I have stalkers thinks someone will find me). 

Then we open up our binder and get the Table of Contents
Are those stars not adorable? All of the clip art and frames are from Lettering Delights.

I put the table of contents in a page protector and then on the other side of the page protector is where I keep track of all of my log ins and passwords for the million websites us teachers have to keep track of. No one looks at the back of a table of contents which makes it the perfect place for your log ins!

After that is where I keep my to-do list since it is right in the front (right before Tab 1, easy to access, and I'm constantly adding to it.

Alright buckle your seat belts, we are ready to take a stroll through each tab!
Tab 1, Weekly Worksheet:
I got this document from The Together Teacher and I think it is just what I needed!

You can view your week all at one (love!) and put your to-do items in different categories so their even more organized! I love how I put all my appointments and deadlines right in the middle so their easy to see and keep track of. 
The bottom half of it is just as fabulous because it breaks down your to-do's in categories. I constantly think of random to-do's as the day goes on so you can jot down your thoughts quickly and in the right spot!

I love the copies category 'Copies to Make' so when I head to the copier I make sure I do it all at once, timesaver!

You can download your copy here. The Together Teacher also has some other free downloads for teacher organization documents. Check her out, she's great!

Tab 2, Lesson Plans:
This is a sneak at the lesson plan format I used last year:

Click here or on the picture to download the entire thing!

Tab 3, Calendar:
I printed out a calendar from google searching 'printable calendars' and found one with holidays on it. Great feature for someone who doesn't remember when holidays are. 
I already wrote all the important days of when we have off. 
You can print out your own calendar here.

Tab 4, Standards:
I printed my standards on two pages on a sheet to save on ink. I used little post it notes as dividers between subject areas.
As you can see I already started taking notes on them, new grade level so I had to really dive in!

Tab 5, Sight Words & Vocab:
I have a copy of the Fry and Dolch sight word lists as well as my own copy of Whole Brain Teaching's Super Speed 100 and Super Speed 1000 (will post on that soon) to be able to quickly play with students. 

I also will have what my words of the day are in this section since I need to view this daily (will also post on this soon).

Tab 6, Class Data & Info:
In this section you will find a class roster with contact information, split list with how my students go home, and any data I receive on my entire class's scores. I would get print outs of my class's data which was helpful and totally great but I never knew where to put them so now they will have a home :)

Tab 7, Student Info:
I added extra tabs in this section that is the alphabet. I love how colorful they are! I never had a use for these but now I found the perfect spot for them. I'll be putting students info in the tab their first name starts with, so Amber's papers would go under A. Super easy to find!
I'm going to put student's info sheets I send home at the beginning of the year, a parent communication log, and a sheet to keep track of the student's progress. Will post those once I decide which ones I'm using.

Tab 8, Grade Level Meetings:
Just notebook paper in here and it will probably stay that way, no special form. My last grade chair gave us an agenda so I'd write on that, I'd just hole punch and place in binder. Easy peasy. 

Tab 9, PLC's & School Meetings:
I don't like not remembering what meetings I've been to all year and not knowing where all the papers from those time consuming meetings went so I developed this:
This simple sheet goes in the front of the section and I just keep track of all the PLC and meetings you go to and the date. I put in my papers chronologically so their always easy to find. Notebook paper is in here too in case I just want to take notes.

Tab 10, Miscellaneous:
Ya know those random papers you want to keep but not sure what to do with them.. put them here! At the end of each quarter, semester, or year go through and decide if you really want to keep (then file) or toss.

Whew! So thats THE binder, home of EVERYTHING! Would you find these things useful?

Well if you would.. then you can download the forms here. I can't share my cover or table of contents due to the clip art and frames since it's against Lettering Delights terms, sorry! I would if I could!

How do you organize all of your papers? Do you use a binder or files? 


  1. can we have a date for you to organize my stuff since I just found out I will be floating with three preps?

  2. Can you do mine too? I tried last year but I still felt like my papers were everywhere or that I was forgetting something!

  3. This looks great! I just posted on organization, too. :)
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  4. I love this! I'm working on making my teacher binder for next year! I'll definitely be using some of your forms! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

  5. This really helps out a lot. I try to be organized, but I do it in too many binders. This really has help me see how to organize it into one notebook. Thanks so much for posting this! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing- love all your ideas- this is awesome! Would you be willing to share the Meeting/PLC log? I absolutely need to do this!
    Thanks again- you are awesome!

    1. Yes! You can download it by clicking on the 'here' button towards the bottom of the post (2nd to last paragraph). Thank you so much for your kind words :)

  7. Awsome! Thanks!