Newwww Yorkkkkkkkk

School got out and Phil and I headed to New York.

He is from Long Island so we to visit all of his friends and family.

Ahhhh.. it was a great vacation.

I didn't think it would feel like a vacation since we were visiting his friends and family but it was definitely a vacation. I really, really enjoyed it.

We stayed with his mom in a beautiful house that made me feel like I was in a tropical getaway. Except it was a little chilly with all the wind-- only downside.
It is really hard for me to not think about school related things but I actually relaxed all vacation! It was so nice and much needed!

Our one excursion was going to the Bronx Zoo. We went on a slightly rainy day but still saw tons of animals!
My favorite exhibit was probably the birds. Sound surprised? They had some of the coolest looking birds!! It was so neat to see them up close and there wasn't even glass between me and my new feathered friends. I also really liked watching two rhinos fight, pretty awesome!
The Bronx Zoo is probably one of my favorite zoo's I've been to due to it's size and it's beauty. It is a really beautiful place with it's huge trees, streams going through, the architecture even, and the animals.

Most evenings we spent time with his parents and would hang out with his friends. Not many pictures were taken.. I was slacking. I did take this one of Phil kayaking in the canal behind the house one morning after breakfast..

We did eat a some delicious restaurants and I had my first Delicatessen experience. Do you know what a delicatessen is? I had no idea then I learned it is the long name for Deli. These Delicatesssens are much, much better than subway, Publix subs, or any other subs I've had. So good! I want a New Yorker to open up one around the Tampa area -- I'd greatly appreciate it and give them business!

We also spent an afternoon at Dave and Busters where we placed arcade games together. I learned I'm better at shooting basketballs than Phil and we are equally good at Ski Ball. We earned enough tickets to stock up on tons of candy then headed to All American -- a fabulous old fashion hamburger joint you have to go to if your ever in the area. It was nice to have some alone time and a cute date afternoon after being around people nonstop.

We also went to the beach. I've been to the beach in Long Island before (Jones Beach) and I wasn't impressed and I didn't want to go back..... ever. The sand isn't as nice as Florida, you have to pay to go to the beach (uhhh.. what?!?), and the water is FREEZING!

Well I agreed to go with his friends to a different beach where we could drive his friends truck all over the beach!! I was sold. It was awesome. A little bit of off roading, great company, good food (from another fabulous delicatessen), made for a day we all really enjoyed.

OH! My best experience from the trip was being introduced to Ralph's Italian Ices. Ralph (whoever that is..) makes creme-ice which is like half ice cream and half italian ice. IT IS SO GOOD! After deliberating for nearly 10 minutes because Ralph gives me over 50 choices that all look amazing I finally decided on Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Creme Ice. DELICIOUS! I wanted to go back every day after to try other flavors like chocolate hazelnut, coconut raspberry tart, and many many more but it just never fit in our schedule. Until next time Ralph...

Looking forward to going back to New York during Christmas break where we'll head to the city to do all those touristy things like see the Rockets and go ice skating. Any other must dos in NYC during winter time?

Our one big trip is over but I have a few weekend adventures planned so I'm looking forward to those!

What are your plans this summer? Are you going anywhere special?


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