Fab Find of Fact Fluency

Math fact fluency is important.. we know this. I found a fabulous find that will help our students become fluent quickly so I'm sharing and linking up to Fun in Room 3B's Linky Party of Fabulous Find Friday!
In my previous school, it was a school policy and program for us to do SMAD. I don't even know what SMAD stands for but I do know it compromises of A LOT of math fact worksheets. My class started at adding 0's, if they passed with a 100% then they went to 1's, 2's, ect. There were a ton of levels and prizes were connected to them.

My students did learn their math facts (we practiced daily and tested on Friday) but they weren't really motivated, the money we spent on prizes wasn't worth it (in my opinion), and it was a lot of work to keep track of all of the student's levels and get them with the right math fact sheet.

I knew there had to be a better option so I started researching and I found this fabulous find!

Whole Brain Teaching's SuperSpeed Math 2.0
Click the picture to be directed to their website to download, fo FREE
Note: You do have register for their website first to download

Doesn't it just sound fun?

It is really simple. A little hard to explain but simple! At first I thought it was a too complicated since I was reading the actual directions which can be a little hard to follow but its easy, promise!

Student 1 has a sheet of math problems without the answers.

 Student 2 has a sheet of math problems with the answers.

Student 1 says the math problems on their page then the answer "0+0=0, 1+0=1, 2+0=0 , ect." and student 2 makes sure their correct and is allowed to give helpies if student 1 needs it.

Student 1 attempts to complete as many math problems as they can in one minute as student 2 is checking the answers and giving help if needed.

Student's have a goal sheet where they continue to break and try to beat personal records. They record how far they got after their minute is up reading the numbers on the side of the page and the letters at the top, good skill to have!
Then the students would switch roles and student 2 would be answering math problems and student 1 would be checking.

They aren't competing with their peers, they don't get any rewards except for building their self esteem by feeling great about themselves for seeing their constant improvement and personal records.

My favorite part of this? It only takes up 5 minutes max of my math block!
Students are actually excited and motivated and the best part is their really learning their math facts FAST! And uhhh no more constantly copying and trying to find the right sheet for the right student (or was I the only one doing this?).

My students will have a specific folder just dedicated for SuperSpeed Math. Their personal record sheets will be in the middle in the prongs and then their math facts sheet will be in the front pocket of the folder.

SuperSpeed Math has levels for every grade level. I'll be using Addition, Addition mixed, Subtraction, Subtraction mixed, and maybe Multiplication towards the end of the year (if my students really beg me, I want them excited!). I photocopy each level on a different color paper with the problems on one side, answers on the other. Might put in page protectors, we will see!

I can't wait to see how my students respond to it!

Did I mention how it is free? Download here. Chris Biffle also explains the rules and directions even more in depth when you download it.

Do you think you would use this in your classroom? How do you teach fact fluency? I know I have a few math centers that practice this skill as well.

ps. Who else has been watching the olympic trails? I'm obsessed. Love watching the swimming and gymnastics! Can't wait for some sand volleyball too!


  1. Amber,
    Thank you so much for linking up. This truly is a fabulous find! I love WBT and was toying with downloading this for math fluency and now I'm sold! Thanks :)


    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I like this! I may have to add this to my Math Workshop! Thanks for sharing... :) I am your newest follower!

    Ramblings of a Deaf Ed Teacher's Mind...

  3. Hi! I am nominating you for the One Lovely Blog Award AND The Versatile Blogger!

    Please stop by to pick them up and check out the

    The Resourceful Apple

  4. I saw this on pinterest and repinned it and didn't realize it was your blog! This Super Speed Math is awesome! Thanks for sharing your ideas! I hope everything is going well! I've always know you'd be an awesome teacher to your students but you're an awesome peer! Thanks for everything! You are the epitome of a DWIT ;)


  5. I truly appreciate the content of your blog.. Keep going.

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