Vertical Looping is Loopy

Our district politely asked our school to try out vertical looping.

Many of us had no idea what it was so don't feel alone if you are unsure.

Looping with a class is traveling to the next grade level with them.

Vertical looping is having the classes travel together to the next grade level all together. Ya know how sometimes classes are all split up and they have new class mates the next year? That won't happen with vertical looping. So my entire 1st grade class will stay together and go to a 2nd grade teacher.

Well we actually started vertical looping this week. My 1st graders know who their 2nd grade teacher is going to be and I have a Kindergarten class who would be mine if I didn't decide to leave my school.

We 'vertical loop' everyday for the first 45 minutes of the day starting this week for the next 3 weeks. My 1st graders go to their new 2nd grade teacher and my new kindergarteners come to me. Yes, all teachers know who their new class is and is actually teaching them now.

I've been teaching these kindergarteners the beginning of our 1st grade math curriculum so they get a head start (I guess?). Of course there are some pros and some cons.

  • Their getting used to how their next grade level is going to be and what is expected
  • Their getting a head start on the math curriculum
  • They have not yet mastered their own grade level material so we should be building upon that rather than starting something new
  • They will forget it over the summer and we are doing get to know activities twice-- now and next school year
  • We will still have to reteach our procedures during the beginning of the year
  • Some teachers think their classes should be split up and they should be around new students not travel together 
As you can see there are more cons but it is going well. Teaching these kindergarteners is much different than teaching my firsties though!

The kindergartens are  SO talkative, very high energy, some talk nonstop, some still won't talk at all, some still don't know english. They're an interesting bunch but they are adorable. 

They take up so much of my energy when my class comes back I am relieved and so happy to see them. :) 

On a different note....

I haven't had a new student in a while and my class has really grown to become a unit and a team. I'm not sure how it happened or when it did but it is such a great feeling.

During recess today my students decided they wanted to play red light, green light. They set up the game themselves and decided who was going to be the person who calls out the colors. It was beyond adorable how they worked together, didn't fight at all, and really had fun.

Then that game got old so they wanted to play duck, duck, goose. It started with 3 students playing and ended with my entire class playing together. The best part was I didn't have to interfere at all! They cheered each other on (literally were going "GO _____!!! Go!!!! to everyone not just the well liked kids) and picked the students who didn't get picked often.

We stayed at recess a little longer today because I didn't want to mess up the great environment they created! So proud.

Have you had one of these teacher moments when your students do something that surprises you or makes you proud?

I'm also doing end of the year tests and I LOVE seeing the results! Looking how many sight words some of them came in with (a few K sight words to almost all of 1st grade sight words!!). It is so gratifying and reminds me why I love my job. 


  1. We do looping at our school, but I decided against it for a various number of reasons.

    Secondly, I LOVE RESULTS. OMG - I am DRA testing my kids, and I am in shock. I am seeing 2 years plus out of some students in reading. WHAT? unreal.

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