Lets Pack Up & Go Home

I'll be unemployed in 5 weeks. 5 short weeks!

Yes, unemployed. No, I didn't get fired! How dare you think that! Just kidding :)

I won't be coming back to my school. I'll be looking for a new teaching gig.

After a lot of thought I decided I want to move closer to my family and teach in a different district (same district as my boyfriend) so I've let my school know I won't be returning. Hard choice :(

I have no idea where I'll be next year or what grade. Kind of Very scary!

I'm back in the same boat I was in last year when I was looking for my first teaching job. Now I just have more experience.

Since I won't be returning to my classroom I've been thinking about the things I am going to be taking with me and what needs to be completed before June 8th (my last day of school).

It was prompted by the 'End of Year Checklist' that got put in my mailbox so they started a checklist for me but I've added to it. I do love organizing and packing so organizing my room has started today. Yes, when there is 5 weeks of school left. Can you tell I'm ready for the year to be over?

No boxes have been packed but I have begun organizing cabinets and returning materials I've borrowed to their owners. I've begun separating things that are the schools and things that are mine so when it's time to leave I know what is going with me.

I gave myself a certain section of my classroom to go through each week (it will only take staying after school one day a week for an extra half an hour or so to complete). That way when the last day comes I won't have much to do. I love the philosophy of doing a little at a time adds up to a lot.

Have you started any end of the year packing/organizing? Do you think I'm a little crazy to start?


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