Whole Brain Teaching, I'm all in!

Every other week I've been getting sick. I've been taking my vitamins, drinking way more than 8 cups of water a day, and using hand sanitizer nonstop but kids germs are just way stronger than my weak germ army.

Being sick has been putting a pretty big damper on my weekends.

Yesterday I spent most of the day laying on the couch attempting to breath out of my mouth since my nose wasn't taking in any air due to blockage. As I was laying on the couch, I read and watched TONS of Whole Brain Teaching videos and posts.

I've heard grade things about it and have kind of looked into it a few times but this time I researched pretty in depth.

Friends.. I discovered the secret treasure that is the answer to all my teaching problems! If you haven't watched a classroom using Whole Brain Teaching I really suggest you do so:

Here are my needs of what myself and my class needs to work on:
  • More student engagement
  • More engaged talking with their cooperative partners
  • Less of me talking and more of them talking
  • Better ways to get students to actually remember what I'm saying 
Whole Brain Teaching seems to be able to fix all my problems!!
  • All students are engaged by the Teach-Ok strategy, constantly talking, and participating. Love the Mirror-Mirror strategy too!
  • When students are talking to their partners they will be saying what I said using gestures so they will know exactly what to say. High energy too!
  • I will only be talking in 30 second mini chunks then they will get an opportunity to talk and process what was just taught.
  • Using gestures and movements will help them remember our lesson 
  • The big plus: "No more scolding and just rehearsing" is what the founder Chris Biffle says. Wouldn't that be awesome? 
I decided I'm going to start practicing Whole Brain Teaching with my students the rest of the school year and see how it goes. If successful then I'll dive in head first next school year. Plus I will have already had practice on my little ones this year so hopefully it will go somewhat smoothly!

I already use Class-Yes so I plan on including Teach-Ok, Hands and Eyes, Mirror-Mirror, and the 10 Finger Whoooo. As well as the score board this week. 

Learn more about all of these things on the Whole Brain Teaching website. Everything is free on the website like ebooks, more videos, and discussion boards where I found more answers to questions I had. 

Have you heard of Whole Brain Teaching? What are your thoughts on it? 


  1. I love Whole Brain Teaching.

  2. I'm so glad! Do you use it with your kiddos? How is it going in your classroom?

  3. What an interesting post! I had not heard of this, but it was fascinating to watch. I like that it covers the range of ways that people learn - hearing, seeing, repeating, associating words with gestures in a fun way. cool stuff.

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