Weekly Dinner Planning

I'm a list maker, planner, and big time organizer. I would say just the perfect amount but my friends would probably disagree with me.

I just can't go to the grocery store and have no idea what I'm going to buy or purchase items that just look good. Ahhh that would give me anxiety! I have to go in with a list and know what I'm going to buy.

I plan my weekly dinners each week on Saturday or Sunday morning and always go grocery shopping Sunday morning really early. Its actually really relaxing.

You might be wondering about breakfast and lunch but those are really easy because I eat the same thing every week; it is kind of boring but it works and saves more money! I skip breakfast. I know, most important meal of the day! My new year's resolution was to start eating breakfast and I even woke up early to achieve my goal. I would make myself breakfast (like a yummy breakfast too such as eggs or oatmeal) then just stare at it because I just wasn't hungry at 6:30am. But I have lunch at 10:30am which is basically breakfast and I have a piece of fruit and greek yogurt with granola. Then after school around 4pm I have a sandwich, hummus, fruit, pretzels, or granola bar to hold me over until dinner.

Well back to planning for dinner, when it comes to figuring out what I'm having for dinner I plan pretty similar to how I lesson plan. Sounds kind of weird doesn't it?

But just like I have a lesson plan template I also have a dinner plan template.
I made a simple table in Microsoft Word and added the days of the week. Then in the 'Title' column I write what I plan on having or making for dinner. To figure out what I want for dinner first I check my Pinterest page to see if anything catches my eye. Then I check the weekly curricular of my grocery store and base it off of what is in season or what's for sale. This saves you a lot of money! Once a week my boyfriend and I eat out--- each Friday. And one day a week I have leftovers. I try to add in a crock pot meal on Sundays and use items I already have in the pantry and fridge.

In the 'Prep Info' column I put how long the dinner takes or if I need to defrost anything. This way I just glance at the fridge in the morning and take out whatever I need. I also know how long dinner is going to take to prepare so I know when to begin cooking.

Then in the 'Ingredients Needed' column I add any ingredients I don't already have in the pantry and need to purchase. When I go to make my grocery list I just look at my ingredients needed and add those right to my list, makes it pretty simple.

I just recently started using this document and I like it because my boyfriend can see whats for dinner and doesn't have to ask. If I don't feel like cooking what is on the schedule I can always just switch it with another day; it isn't like a contract I'm stuck to. But I can see what meals I bought ingredients for so by the end of the week I do make them all so I'm using all the ingredients I bought. If I don't make all the dinners I planned then they just goes onto the next week's dinner plans menu.

I would really recommend grocery shopping and planning your meals this way! It is really easy to save money. I used to pay over $100 every week for groceries and throw away so many things since I forgot I had them or didn't know what to do with them (I didn't plan well!). Now I pay on average around $60 each week. Just a little planning on a Sunday morning saves so much thinking, time, and money during the busy weekdays.

What to download my dinner plan template? Click here.


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