Lets Talk Teacher Clothes

First I hope each of you have a Happy Easter with those you love! 

At the beginning of the school year when I was looking for some new 'teacher clothes' I wanted to know what other teachers were wearing. I googled 'teacher clothes' and hardly anything came up; I was so disappointed! I was hoping to find blogs on this topic so heres to starting one! Hopefully if teachers now google 'teacher clothes' my lovely posts will come up! I can only hope :)

I call them 'teacher clothes' since we don't just wear normal business attire or business casual attire. I believe our clothes are our own breed since teacher's clothes have to be very comfortable and fit into a lot of different situations such as weathering the outdoors at times, dealing with crafts, and being on our feet most of the day. They must fit all these requirements and they must look good too!

I think it's important we love what we wear and we look our best because at times teachers get a bad rap for our wardrobe choices. Personally being a young teacher I try to always look professional to attempt to earn more respect and be taken seriously.

Spring is in the air and spring is by far my favorite shopping season. Spring has the cutest clothes and the best color choices, in my opinion. I'm all about the pastels, bright colors, fun flower prints, and the skirts! It is probably the only time of year I actually buy new clothes.

Skirts are my go to bottoms. Living in Florida, it gets HOT and since shorts aren't appropriate to wear to school I lean towards skirts.

I recently added two more skirts to my collection on Good Friday. By the way did anyone else have not just a good Friday but a great Friday? It was filled with walking around an outlet mall with my boyfriend in gorgeous weather then laying out by pool (in the shade of course since I wouldn't want to get sunburnt.. I'm being completely serious). It was such a relaxing day and I hope all of you enjoyed your GREAT Friday too :)

Here are the treasures I found at the outlet mall:

This beauty is from JCrew Outlet for around $30 but it is only $20 on the website, steal!!
It hits right above my knees which I would say is school appropriate and I can pull it up to make it more high waisted if I wanted to wear it to an Easter brunch for example. 

I also tried on some of these capris in navy, but they were too long/too short. They were not quite pants but too long to be capris so I guess we weren't meant to be. I am also desperately attempting to also wear capris this Spring but can't find any so far I like. Any suggestions? 
This picture, or any other picture, I attempted to take doesn't do this skirt justice! It is from the Loft Outlet for around $40. It is so adorable too! It is a jean like fabric but it looks pretty fancy. I think I can pull this off at school even though we aren't allowed to wear jeans but this is super dark and not exactly jean fabric. What do you think? Am I pushing it? I hope not because I could see myself wearing this weekly because it is so comfortable too!

Here are some skirts that I'd love to have in my closet they just haven't made it there yet:
JCrew Outlet: $54

JCrew Outlet $50

Loft $60

Loft $59

I'm loving the coral and striped tend right now! What spring tends are you into? And what do you wear to work to try to keep cool?


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