IRA: The Reading Teacher

If you didn't know I'm kind of a dork. Shhhh, It is kind of a secret though. I don't really like people knowing that.

Yesterday my dorkyness went to a whole other level because I joined the International Reading Association (IRA).

I was looking for some new reading material, education based, and decided I'd ask one of my old college professors. In her class she would have us read these articles that I loved. You know those articles you have to read for class discussions you always hated? I hated them too but not the ones she choose for us! She's also is the same professor who had me buy Words Their Way for her class (I wrote about that book here); she has great taste in reading material!

She told me about The Reading Teacher which is a journal of researched-based classroom practices.
You have to join the IRA to have access to The Reading Teacher hence why I joined. That part makes the process a little confusing.

I've been reading up a storm last night; it was quite a big Friday night. Getting pretty crazy around here!

If you love reading about research based practices then I would highly suggest joining! So far I love it like really, really love it. It isn't as overwhelming as a big bad educational book, it just has shortish articles that get the point across and plant a little seed of inspiration in your brain on how to be an even better superstar teacher.

What do you read to keep up to date with best practices? Or for fun?

I'm also reading this book for fun:

But I'm having a really hard time getting into it. As in I haven't picked it up in a few days because I'm tired of still only learning about the characters 100 pages in. I'm ready for some action! It's by the same author of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but it's for adults so it should be good right? Wrong. Bummer.

Any good book recommendations for me? I love fun books and educational based ones!


  1. If your local library has a ProQuest connection you can also read the reading teacher for free. However you have to read a year behind, because it is delayed one year on ProQuest.

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