Addition and Subtraction Scavenger Hunt + Freebie

I love The Teacher Wife, she creates amazing lessons. I'm so envious of her work!
The Teacher Wife
One of her new packets on two digit addition and subtraction has a scavenger hunt. I follow her blog where she posted it and loved the idea! If you need an entire unit or practice sheets for double digit addition and subtraction check out her packet, it looks awesome!

But I didn't need the entire packet since I already taught these concepts but my students need practice with this concept. LOTS of practice!

I loved her idea of a scavenger hunt she introduced on her blog so I made my hunt own for my kiddo's. They had so much fun doing it and were so engaged!!

I am going to incorporate this activity much more in my class because they did AWESOME! They wanted more math problems to find plus they worked together to help each other find the problems they needed. It was so precious. My kids rarely do anything precious so it was a nice moment.

I think this was a full 30 minutes I didn't need to redirect, that is a miracle in a 1st grade classroom!

I was so thrilled I had to snap some pictures:
I left a problem on a one of our tables for centers
Boys using their fingers to help solve the problem on the bulletin board
Solving a problem that was hiding by our listening center

Here is my addition and subtraction scavenger hunt, feel free to download:
Addition and Subtraction Hunt

Enjoy! Any other fun ways to work in math practice? I'd love more ideas because this was a hit!


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