National Geographic Young Explorer!

I found this website through Pinterest that has the National Geographic Young Explorer! Magazine online. It is great quality and it reads the text to you; that means you can listen to it as a class or students could go on it and listen on their own during computer time.

Soon after I found this website I introduced it to my kiddos. We went through an article about the sun together on our Smart Board and they LOVED the photos, how it read the text to us (not sure why they would want a break from hearing my voice?!? hmm!), and their just obsessed with learning about the sun. It was a really engaging read aloud that everyone could see, could hear, and wanted to keep reading. What more could a teacher ask for?
Look at that picture? Looks awesome!
What an article looks like. You click the little purple buttons to have it read it to you and then click the 'click' button to turn to next page. Super easy.
Go to this website to check out all the issues: here 

And I took the time to go through each issue and write down the names of each article inside so you know what the issue is about.
See the dates above each issue in blue? You'll find those below with the articles inside each issue.
You can choose ones relevant to what we are teaching about. This would be a great reading to supplement lessons or use it instead of your science text. For example my science text isn't up to date and doesn't have include everything I'm supposed to teach in it (lame right?) so I use one of these articles to introduce the material.

September 2009
Garden Helpers
Farm to Market
Odd Couples 

October 2009
Web Weavers
Looking at Leaves
Spots and Stripes
Wildfires- Social Studies

Nov.-Dec. 2009
Sea Turtles
Wind Power
Powwow (Native Americans)
Snow Monkeys

Jan.-Feb. 2010
Cool Cat (Lynix)
It's an Honor (Monuments and Memorials)
On the Move (Force)

March 2010
Explorer the Wetlands
A Frog's Life
Leap, Frog!

April 2010
Meet the Pollinators
Message in a Bottle (Water Conservation)
Rachel Carson's Gift (Nature and Pollution)

May 2010
Animals in Motion
Pedal Power (force, push, pull)
Bare Bones (bones)

September 2010
Wild Colors (animals)
World Parties
Shapes I See (in nature)

October 2010
Creepy Creatures
Finding Your Way (Geography, compass and maps)
Hungry Plants

November-December 2010
Move to Live (Migration)
A Turkey Grows
Growing Earth (Volcanos)

January-Feburary 2011
Meet the Grizzlies
Up Close (Science Tools)
Your Senses (5 Senses)

March 2011
A Leopards Spot
Seeds Grow
Explore Landforms

April 2011
Desert Life

May 2011
Living Lights
Star Bright (The Sun)
Me and My Shadow

September 2011
Animals Groups
Is It Living or Nonliving?
The Weather Outside

October 2011
Spiders at Work
A Tree's Life
Animals Columbus Saw

November-December 2011
Lunch! (Sea Otter)
It's a Holiday
Look Around! (Asking Questions about the World)

January-Feburary 2012
Bug Eyed! (Funny and Creepy insects and their parts)
Hot Rocks (Volcano)
Polar Bears

March 2012
Looking at Lemurs
Change is in the Air (Seasons)
Hatched! (Eggs)

So if you decide to use these articles in your class then click on the for the teacher button at the top. See it??

Well if you click on the print version of the April 2012 Teacher's Guide a PDF file will pop up. Inside the guide is more information on the topic, lesson plans, pre-made assessments and worksheets.

Here is part of an assessment that can be found in the Teacher's Guide:
And here is a worksheet from the article Message in a Bottle (also have graphic organizer's):

They don't have every topic but a good amount! Do you think you could use any of these resources in your classroom? There is so many different things you could with this resource. What do you think you would use it for?


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