Kansas City

Spring break is here and so far I am loving every minute of it!
Saturday morning my boyfriend and I took off at 6am to Kansas City.

We have been telling people where we are going and have been getting a lot of weird looks. Why did we decide to go there? Well one of my friends moved there this year and we went to visit as well as explore the city.

I guess a lot of people through this is where we were going and we got kind of nervous after this view is pretty much what we saw when our plane landed. But we got picked up and drove into an actual city that my boyfriend and I really began to love.

On our first day there we got a tour of the city then walked to a market close to my friends loft. She lives in the Rivermarket District which if you couldn't guess is close to a market and the Missouri River.
We found an Italian deli which my boyfriend loved since he is Italian and reminds him of home (Long Island). Here is our yummy subs from the deli that we ate outside at a near park by her loft.

We also visited Union Station which is a beautiful, historic train station.

On our second day it was cold and rainy but that didn't stop us from taking a long walk exploring downtown.
I love how you can tell how old the city is by the buildings. It is quite odd to walk around through since there isn't a ton of people (at all) and no traffic (ever) but the buildings and surroundings make it known your in a city. It's an interesting feeling. Heres a library parking garage we walked past that I loved-- it is lined with classic books.

And heres a bench by a bus stop in the library district. Adorable!

Kansas City also has some spectacular museums. We went to three on our trip. Our favorite was the World War 1 Museum. When you buy your ticket it is good for two days and since the museum is so big. We decided to do it in two days; each day we were there for about 2 hours. Here is the monument on top of the museum and the amazing view from there.

We also went to the Negro Baseball Museum due to my boyfriend's love of baseball but I really enjoyed it too. Did you know there there was an entire different baseball league for quite some time? I had no idea.

Then we went to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art which was quite grand. The museum also has a sculpture garden which we didn't check out due to the yucky weather but you can see some of the sculptures in the picture. Here is the view from the top of the giant, gorgeous building:

The Plaza is a spectacular shopping location with tons of amazing restaurants and top notch stores. We walked around there on two different occasions. I didn't take pictures here since it didn't occur to me to take pictures shopping but here is one from their website:

Since my friend lived in the Rivermarket District she lived by the Missouri River. They have a river walk down by the river where we ran two days when we were there. It was perfect weather, in the 70's, where I wasn't all sweaty when we were finished. Yuck. Here is a bridge we ran by on our run.

The best part about Kansas City? The food. I had the best BBQ of my life. We tried a few places while we were there but no one compared to Oklahoma Joes. It is in a gas station but don't let that deter you. We waited an hour in line for this food and it was well worth the wait. Flattering picture right? Haha, oh well it's for the love of BBQ!

We also went to Mama's 34th Street Diner for breakfast. It was yummmmy. Here is my scrambler I ordered with a biscuit the size of my hand. It look me 4 pouches of jelly to cover the entire thing! I'm really not complaining though.. wish all restaurants made their biscuits that large because that is normally my favorite part of breakfast after all.

And my other favorite place was Beer Kitchen. I only took a picture of our drinks where I had a beer cocktail but the food was what was impressive (don't get me wrong their drink menu was too but I'm more of a foodie than a drinker). We had gourmet hamburgers and yummy parmesan fries with over 6 dipping sauces to choose from.

Even though Kansas City isn't a popular spring break hot spot we had a great time. I think the 5 days we spent there was the perfect amount of time to do everything the city had to offer.

Have you ever been there? What did you think of the city? I noticed how surprisingly clean it was, hardly any trash on the ground!


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