Hilton Head

Spring break is now over but in order to relive it anytime I want I'm going to write about my adventure to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Phil found a Groupon to a hotel in Hilton Head and asked if he should get it. What girlfriend would actually say no? Not me! So he did and we decided to go right when we got back from Kansas City over spring break. Since got a suite we asked my best friend Jessica and her fiance Patrick to join us.

It is only a 6 hour drive and it was totally worth it. Phil and I fell in love with Hilton Head Island; as in I was looking up how much houses are and the school district as I laid on their lovely beach in the perfect 70 degree weather. Phil watched :)

We drove up Friday and stopped in Savannah, GA. We walked around the historic district and ate a wonderful little cafe called Soho South Cafe. It had some charm thats for sure.

They were getting ready for their St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah and man are they into St. Patrick's Day if you couldn't tell by their St. Patrick's Day Headquarters and count down.

I'm totally jealous of those of you who live close enough to frequent Savannah regularly because it is just so beautiful. The trees, flowers blooming, coastal breeze just equals perfection! Is it rubbing off that I love the area?

But then we continued our drive to Hilton Head just in time for some yummy dinner at Fiesta Fresh (super cheap and fresh Mexican food, if you go to Hilton Head check it out!) and walk along the beach.

Friday night we had to cheer on our USF Bulls basketball team. We found this Street in Savannah where we showed some USF pride earlier that day. Go Bulls!

Saturday we woke up ready to take on the world and I think we really did. First we went to Pedal's Bike Shop (cheapest rental bike store on the island) and rented two tandem bikes.

Just for background info, Hilton Head Island is super biker friendly and has tons of trails along the roads to bike on. It is AWESOME!!! I love bike riding.. as in the leisurely kind, no roads please. Going in circles around my neighborhood gets kind of boring so being able to cruise all along the island without being scared of getting run over which I totally freakout about was so wonderful!! And biking on paths, under canopy trees, next to lakes is just gorgeous.
Can you spy the alligator in this picture?

So we got these blue beautied bikes and rode to Palmetto Dunes to do some kayaking. I've never been kayaking before but it just like canoeing but I think it sounds a little more hardcore. Do you think so?

Kayaking was spectacular; we went by golf courses and huge houses that we admired.

We also saw South Carolina's wildlife and pretty marshes. And the weather.. oh 70 degree weather. Maybe I'm obsessed with it because in Florida it is already hitting 89 and has no signs of going down until August. Florida... you totally forgot the season of Spring. Looks like summer is already here. It could be worse though.. it could be winter. Yuck! I don't cope well with cold.

Kayaking was great. Then we biked some more ON THE BEACH! The sand was so hard it was so easy to bike on. Amazing!

We hit up Flatbreads Restaurant (super yummy by the way) and then high tailed it back to the beach to enjoy the sun.

I didn't know my perfect day could exist until this day happened!! I know I'm going a little overboard.

We had some seafood dinner at Steamer's Seafood which I don't really recommend. Walked around the cute little boutiques, bought some playing cards, and hung out and played Rummy the rest of the night. Sounds silly but a quit night in is much more appealing to me than those crazy St. Patrick's day crowds.

Sunday we rode our bikes back to Pedals bike shop and said goodbye to Hilton Head.

We all agreed we wanted to go back and I fully intend on following through.

Oh Spring Break.. I miss you.

How was your Spring Break? Did you do any fun trips or do anything new?


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