The GREAT Urban Race

Do you watch the Amazing Race? Have you ever wished you could be on that show? Well the Great Urban Race is similar to the Amazing Race but it takes place in one city and in 5 hours maximum and ANYONE can do it! It is AWESOME!

I got to act like I was really being filmed as I pretended that I was actually on the Amazing Race (I can dream ok?) and that a ton of money was on the line as I ran around Tampa doing challenges and solving clues... dressed somewhat like a pirate. How is that not fun??

Basically you sign up in teams of 2 to 4 and your team is supposed to have matching outfits. It begins at 12pm when everyone is giving a clue sheet of 12 clues that we have to solve. We solve the clues which are the locations of where we need to go. When we get to the location there is something we need to do in order to move on to the next location.

Oh yeah.. and you can choose not to do one clue! Want to know more info and the specifics? Check out their website:

Before the race we got our outfits together. Since stripes are in style and Phil & I are both super stylish had striped shirts, we choose to be pirates. Easy outfit and super comfy to run in! Some people went all out; it was so fun to see everyone dressed up. Our favorites outfits we saw were tourists (suspenders and bright colors), bacon and eggs, and Victoria Secret Angels with large pink feathered wings.

We also packed Phil's backpack before the race with goodies they recommended such as:

  • Pen and Paper (Saw some teams with theirs on a clipboard, wish we did that!)
  • Smart Phone 
  • Maps (I printed mine from google)
  • Camera (Must have!)

  • We arrived early as they suggested which was totally worth it. Then we figured out our game plane of what we wanted to do so we were on the same page. We decided we would get our clues then attempt to solve every clue and map out where they were. We would pick a good route so we could hit them all up and not back track.
    Before the Race Began
    Guess what? It worked really well!

    So we figured out where we were going.. all 10 locations. (Yes, we had 12 clues but two we couldn't figure out and knew we were going to skip one so kept thinking about those two on our run to the first few stops) Heres our clue sheet (We weren't allowed to keep them so took a picture before we turned them in):
    Note the tic tac toe clue at the bottom of the page. We had to do three in a row.
    First stop was Champion's Sports Bar where we had to blow balls into cups and make 3 in a row. Then we held up a #1 for the camera to complete the task.

    In order to solve another clue we had to get three in a row, it is called tic tac toe. One of the items was to make a conga line with 5 strangers so we decided to get that out of the way too with this nice family.

    Second stop was the downtown YMCA where we had two choices:
    1. Put this row bar pipe in the soft spot of our necks then bend it to make a U shape
    2. Take off our socks and walk across glass

    We choose the first one since we didn't really want to take off our socks. Then we took a picture with the musicians who were playing and ran off to the next location.

    This is where things didn't go as smoothly. We were looking to take a picture under a bridge with colligate graffiti (went to a wrong bridge and turns out we didn't need this item anyway), went by bayshore to find roller bladers (couldn't find any so we decided to do a different 3 in a row), and then stopped by this Publix to buy two items we had to donate to the Ronald Mc. Donald House. Publix was the only success to this excursion but it was mainly a waste of time since we could have went to a CVS that was on our route. Oh well.. 

    We then were looking for this cube building. It was one of our difficult clues we just couldn't figure out where it was. But on our search we did find another location at a taste test location. We had to sample a smoothie and guess what flavor it was. Phil got it correct but I did a great job at sampling the smoothie! It was YUMMY! :) 

    And then we did some more running around.. kind of in circles since we didn't know about this cube building thing. We finally followed people into this Art Museum and we figured it out. Our task was we had to take a picture imitating another picture that was on display. If you look at our picture we are imitating the picture at the top right. 

    We also had another clue about an Italian restaurant which was on the Hillsborough River but we just couldn't figure it out. We gave it another shot and looked around and ran into a restaurant that was not correct.. whoops! But we decided this one we were definitely we were going to skip because there was no going back to this side of the town. We also took a picture with the colligate graffiti as we got a better view just in case we found some roller bladers our tic tac clue would be complete!

    After we made that call to skip clue #8 we were on a roll! Figuratively and literally!! We pretty much knew where everything else was so we dashed to Taco Bus and pretended to ride the bus which means we got two out of three items on our little tic tac toe clue except for finding a penny between the years 1950-1965. We soon learned it is really hard to find that old of a penny!!

    We dashed to a bike shop where Phil attempted to throw a bike tire around me. Fail. He actually hit my head with it but it was okay we moved on after a quick picture.

    Then we were off to a car shop where we had to check in on the app Four Square (so glad I have that app!) and have a sample from the Hot Mess food truck. After another picture we were off. 

    To the Pour House we went! A cool bar that is off a back street and we never knew was there before this challenge. We had to complete a little questionnaire and fill in the matching pair. We got most of them but nothing a quick google search couldn't find. I just typed in Popeye and then his match popped up.. Olive Oil. Yeah, that is actually one we couldn't think of!

    We then ran by a dance studio as in a pole dancing studio. We did a little Beyonce dance and looked super ridiculous! It was my favorite stop I'd say since they were so energetic and happy to see us there. They shot some pictures of us and we were off to one of our last clue locations!!
    Not yet as good as Beyonce.. 

    We had to find this dragon. I looked at it and realized that I've seen it many times before! Whenever I would leave Channel Side with my friends we would drive past in an alley way and it would look so scary. But when we went there we had our toughest challenge yet; it was all about medals. Lucky for us one of Phil's friends just finished and gave us there answers so we finished fast. So grateful for them or we would have been there a while!

    Then we just had to turn in our items we bought at Publix for the Ronald Mc. Donald House. Remember how we did that way in the beginning? Oh yeah.. and find that really old penny! 

    We ran to St. Pete Times Forum where the donation tent was and took a picture with the lightning bolts. Go Bolts!!

    We asked a few people around if they had any really old pennies and had a lot of bad luck. UNTIL this one lady had a super old one that you could barely read the date but it was in fact a penny from 1957! We were going to just take a penalty if we couldn't find one soon so I was stoked when we found it!!

    We ran back to the finish line and finished at around 2 hours and 30 minutes!!

    Would you want to do a Great Urban Race? Check the website to see if one is coming to you! I am already looking forward to do it again next year!


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    2. This was fun to read and super duper informative! My hubby and I are doing our first one tomorrow here in Tampa! ;;-) thanks!!

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