Easter Bunny Came Early

At my school we have secret pals. We drew a teacher's name early this school year and each month we are supposed to give them goodies and treats because who wouldn't want goodies and treats from a mysterious person? It's a fabulous idea and I adore my secret pal. Each time they strike and I find treats in my mail box my day automatically becomes better.

My secret pal is also in charge of our school's E-Team. They are a group of 5th graders who basically compete in a jeopardy like event. Our E-Team has made it to the semi finals (whoo hoo!) and I wanted to send them off with a little something to make them smile and feel special.

I pinned this idea on Pinterest a while ago because well it's adorable:

And then I went to Walmart and found these:

I knew what my surprise was going to be. I bet you can guess too!!!
If you guessed this:
You were right! Kiss your brain! Do you tell your kiddo's to kiss their brain too? Mine love it.

I stuffed the bags with a Cheetos.

Tied some ribbon that is a little too big but matches perfectly. Note to readers: use the smaller kind of ribbon but I couldn't find that size at wally-world.

Put them all in a cute little Easter basket. Don't remind me it isn't even spring yet and Easter is over a month away. Do you think fifth graders will mind? I don't. Plus I live in Florida and we skip winter so it is spring if you ask me and my first graders.

Add a note to a nerf carrot. Yes, a nerf carrot. I couldn't pass it up and just had to add it to the basket. Plus the 'soar to the top' line is supposed to go with the fact the carrot can soar in the sky. Hope they get it.

Well didn't they turn out adorable? I'm also putting good luck posters with the students names on them around the school to really make them feel like a million bucks. Hope they like it!

Do you have a secret pal system at your work? What have you gotten from your secret admirer pal? If no top secret pal system where you work, would you want one? It is a lot of work!


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