What? You want to hire me?!?

Yes, it is true I have a job teaching 1st grade!!! I'm so excited I don't even know what to do; is this where I jump up and down?  I can't seem to believe it myself yet hopefully by the first day of school it will set in... hopefully.

My interview was yesterday where I instantly hooked the principal into hiring me as soon as I said the words "Smart Board Clickers." She bought the clickers last year and no one at her school has used them yet so she is excited for what I'll bring to the school when it comes to technology. Smart Board clickers I owe you some appreciation for helping me land my very first teaching job!

Towards the end of the interview she gave me a tour around the school that I am so grateful for looking back on it since now I have a mental image of what I'm working with. My brain is going at full speed thinking of all the cute things I want to add, how I'll set it up, and what I need to buy. But I want to make it as budget friendly as possible and I hope to write in this beautiful new blog of mine how I do it!

Teacher clothes, why does it seem like I never have enough of you?!? I can't wait to start shopping for more and getting some great deals. I hear that teacher's get discounts at some of my favorite stores like the Loft, JCrew, and Banana Republic, whoo hooo! I plan on coming up with some kid friendly outfits and showing them to all my followers aka basically talking to myself since no one is reading this.. YET!

I also have lots of reading, planning, and researching ahead of me. I have never even taught 1st graders before -- 2nd and 4th I know all about but 1st?? How small are these kids going to be? Am I going to step on them? Can they talk yet? I kid, I kid! No worries, I have all the confidence that I will be more than successful but it is going to take some hard work on my part.

Well off to start the apartment search, yes you heard me I also have to find a new place to live seeing how my lease is up in 9 days. Yes, the long time span of  9 precious days. Ekkk! I'm also trying to slow my brain down on how I'm going to decorate my first ever apartment that is all mine, yes 1 bedroom here I come!!

A lot of firsts the past 24 hours and much more to come within the next year! Can't wait to share them all on here!

ps. I won't be putting my school name, my last name, or where I'm living on my blog. Got to keep it private to keep me & my job safe! And no worries where won't be any talk of my kids or any other topics you see teachers getting fired for -- don't want that to be me!


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