Classroom Library- Where do you even begin?

If you were to look at several primary classrooms you would notice a few things in common between them, one of those things is their classroom libraries.

Why have a classroom library? When students are learning to read they need a lot of practice. In order to give students the practice they need it is important to surround them with books. Another reason? I LOVE children's books and would love my own collection. Yes, my school will have a library that my students can and will use however that takes a lot of time. Time that could be spent reading instead!

How am I starting my classroom library? With the help of my dear friend Craig who happens to have a list named Craigslist. I simply type in 'Children's Books' and check out what comes up. I recently met up with a fellow teacher (in a public place of course) who was selling TONS of books for just $25 for all of them. These 100 books, or maybe more, I figured would be a good start. They aren't in the best condition but 1st graders don't mind and neither do I. Here is a picture of the ones that wouldn't fit into a big box I already packed the rest of the books in.

I also met up with another fellow teacher who was selling her books for $1 and $2 a book. I choose the books I wanted and offered her $20 for a total of 14 like new books seen here:

What do I look for when it comes to books? A variety. I now have a few Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving books to bring out during those holidays. Right now I am just building my collection but I want nonfiction as well as fiction. I want books at a broad range of reading levels for the students who are struggling and for the students who need a challenge.

I believe I will look for and purchase some more books before school starts however as the school year progresses so will my library. I will add new books each month as I buy them through craigslist, goodwill book stores as well as normal goodwills, and through scholastic programs that offer free books. This way it is easy on my pocketbook and my students are constantly being stimulated with new read material.

I am also going to utilize my public library that is close by to check out some books I'll use for read alouds and books to expand on topics we are studying. I'll be keeping an eye on these in the classroom; I wouldn't want my students to ruin these books since I'll be held accountable for them.

I am hoping my school has some sort of magazine subscription because I would love to get a magazine each month and then the next year I'd subscribe to a new magazine. That is something I am also looking into if my school does not provide it.

Anyone have any children's books they want to donate my way? Or have any other helpful tips on expanding a classroom library? I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. If I was a teacher or had a ton of children books, I would totally help you! Have you tried a thrift shop, salvation army, etc? Even the public library usually has a little store outside that sells used books for a couple cents. :)

    Anyway, I'm really happy that you found a job AND started a blog! I love reading them when I have some time! Good luck with stocking your library!

    Also... check out bookstores and their clearance aisles. I'm not sure how cheap but look out for coupons!

  2. You're my very first commenter!! Yay!

    Those are for sure places on my list to check out and I'll also be looking for furniture there too for my apartment.

    I found ebay also has some great deals and shipping isn't as much as I thought it would be for books.

    Thanks for the suggestions and for the comment! Glad you enjoy reading it :)

  3. I've been reading all your blog posts and I love them!

    For the past year I've actually been collecting books for when hopefully have a classroom. So far my biggest help has been garage sales and the library on Bearrs. They have a used bookstore in there that they sale some chidrens books. Usually when they ask if I'm a teacher and I explain what I'm doing they give them to me for free :)

    Oh, there's also a discount Scholastics warehouse in Orlando that you can get brand new books for super cheap!

    If I think of anywhere else or come across something I'll let you know! Keep the blogs coming, I love reading them.

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