Ahoy Captain!

Why is my blog nautical themed you ask? Because my new classroom is going to be as well!

I decided about a year ago that my first classroom was going to be nautical themed for a number of reasons
  1. I love blue, red, and hints of yellow all together
  2. I grew up around fishing, boating, swimming, and basically living in the water. Brad Paisley I can totally relate when you sing: "And so began my love affair with water"
  3. I love the beach, sand, shells, light houses so if they are around me all day I feel like I would be in a much better state of mind
  4. My favorite animal is the orca also known as the killer whale or Shamu as I like to call the entire species. If I can teach my students about this obsession I have I would be ecstatic. I couldn't even contain my enthusiasm when teaching about this topic.. ok not a real reason but moving on...
  5. Decoration possibilities are endless with this theme. Yard sales are filled with old cute decorations. Can't wait to find a lighthouse! 
  6. Units and lesson plans are also endless with this theme weather it be science, reading, writing, or bulletin board ideas.  
  7. My schools mascot is very easily relatable to this theme as well which is a HUGE plus! I love school spirit!
Here is nautical theme classroom by Beth Newingham that I'll pull a TON of inspiration from. (You can find more details about her classroom here):

I haven't figured out the perfect classroom name yet but this classroom is Pier 13. Note the adorable students pictures in the life savers!

Centers group names could be different sea creatures.

I will for sure use the idea of netting on top of cabinets to decorate; cheap and easy, what more could i ask for?

Each week a new student could be the "Sailor of the Week"

For a classroom picture they all had on sailor hats, how adorable! Any one know where I can get sailor hats?

And possibly a bulletin board saying "We're setting sail for a voyage of learning"

ps. My apartment application has been approved and I'm moving in this weekend! Whoo hoo! Also got processed through the school district today as well, busy busy times ahead :)


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